Strategic planning for bio-food development

The various strategic planning services were developed to analyze the company's internal resources to meet current and future needs.

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Assessing the potential for a shift to robotics for food processing

We assess your current process and/or formula used for drafting a written plan that outlines future equipment needs to compensate for the lack of skilled labour. We also do this to increase your company’s competitive advantage in targeted markets when launching a new product or growing your business. 

Designing a marketing plan - Marketing component

We assess the various criteria of the markets you wish to pursue and draft a plan with strategies on how to integrate into these new markets. 

Diagnosing food-safety procedures

This program promotes increasing your investment in food processing to offset labour shortages and give you the competitive advantage.

How to restructure food-processing operations.

We assess and fine-tune your operations linked to your current food safety management system, according to the target baseline. 

Outlining a food project initiative to secure funding

We analyze the company's objectives and come up with a food project implementation plan that's consistent with ministry priorities and/or one that’s eligible for financial assistance. 

Strategic planning for food-processing operations

We conduct a needs/objectives assessment and establish solutions to adjust the processing operations to fit with the company's marketing, product launch and sales strategies.

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