Émilie Villeneuve

Bio-food Safety and Planning Consultant

Émilie Villeneuve is CEO of LAFIB. She is a microbiologist and a M.A.P.A.Q.-certified consultant for food-quality systems projects and strategic planning. She founded LAFIB to create a synergistic hub to cater to the needs of companies with the help from her multidisciplinary and multi-skilled team. She has developed services that respond to the real needs of companies from here and abroad, and encourages her team to constantly improve to meet the industry's ever-changing needs. She will answer all your questions and will refer you to the right person on her team for further assistance. Émilie will guide you through the ABCs of restructuring your food-processing operations and give you tips on how to diversify your activities during Covid-19. Here are but a few of her many qualities:

  • Solutions-oriented 
  • Active listening instructor
  • Creates business opportunities where others see nothing but obstacles 
  • Strives for perfection

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